Management Solutions

About us

Plan B was founded in 2006 in response to a gap in the environmental services support market. Having spent many years working in the public and private sector commissioning support services, the skills available frequently lacked the practical experience of service delivery to accompany the technical and academic skills so often relied on.
Plan B was set up to bridge this gap. With both the requisite professional and technical skills, Plan B provide the additional operational skills, experience and confidence to deliver the complete package.

Our advisors are competent, flexible people capable of managing a blue collar workforce at 6am, then meeting with the Chief Executive ready to discuss efficiency savings at 9am. 

Our strength is in our people

Our business is successful because we recognise that our greatest asset is the vast experience and practical industry knowledge of our Advisors. Each member of the team has spent many years at the forefront of operational service delivery, conceptualising innovative services in constantly shifting socio-political environments, translating them into winning tenders and managing the roll-out and on-going development of environmental services for an extensive list of metropolitan, suburban and rural local authorities and prestigious private sector clients.
Each of our advisors continue to work in this way both directly with local and regional authorities and indirectly in supporting the implementation of best practise  through the private sector. Our focus is in bringing the maximum benefit to the maximum number of people often at minimum cost.

Our people are practitioners

The advantage of our advisors lays in their direct operational experience. Every one of our advisors has spent at least 10 years working in a direct service environment.  Coupled with extensive of theoretical learning and best practice guidance we are able to utilise our technical operational experience to provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions bespoke to different environments across all spectrums of industry support from contract procurement to DSO management.

Our people take responsibility

We are passionate about the services that we provide and have a genuine commitment to providing service excellence and meeting and exceeding the needs and aspirations of our clients. Our commitment to our reputation is part of our success; we pride ourselves on providing solutions that we are confident we can personally deliver and ensure that our service extends well beyond the provision of any report.

Plan B work with clients to help them to do the jobs, tasks & projects that they don't have the time, skills, experience or technical knowledge to do themselves. 
  • Some clients come to us because a peak in workload means they need some temporary support & they require a trustworthy and hardworking Company to provide relief
  • Some clients come to us to manage or support specific projects because they require a Company that they can rely on to get the job done as they don't have the in-house resource to do it themselvesOthers call on Plan B because they require technical support from an organisation with vast industry experience & a proven ability to carry out task specific skills such as procurement, service reviews, interim management, contract mobilisation, business development, etc
What all our clients have in common is that they work with Plan B because they trust that we are best placed to provide them with the practical and innovative advice & support they demand. They are confident that Plan B offer genuine value for money by delivering projects and services to a standard that meets & exceeds their expectations.