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Street cleansing

Plan B Management Solutions Limited provides quality management support and technical advice to Local Authorities and Private Sector organisations working in the Street Cleaning Industry.

Everyone hopes to live and work in communities that are clean, green, safe and attractive. Street cleaning is one of the few services that in some way or another affects every single person living, working or visiting villages, towns and cities in the United Kingdom. Maintaining streets and open spaces in a clean, tidy and well maintained fashion is therefore a major priority for Council's and communities up and down the land.

Public perception of the cleanliness of streets has become increasingly important and the standard of street cleaning is now a key factor in how people view the suitability of an area to live, work or visit and the performance of their Local Council. The quality of the local environment and street scene is therefore a key priority for Council leaders, Cabinet Members and Service Managers alike.

Plan B provide management support and technical advice to clients to help them create cleaner and greener areas; healthier and safer communities; better places to work, rest and play; and better performing, better value services. Plan B achieves this against the backdrop of social and budgetary pressures and challenges inevitable to this type of high profile public sector work.

Plan B has significant experience and expertise in the street cleaning industry and has successfully delivered a wide range of management based street scene services to both Public and Private Sector clientele.

Plan B has assisted street scene clients in the achievement of their strategic and operational aims by developing innovative and practical solutions that facilitate more efficient and effective use of existing resources. Plan B focus on the needs of our customers and develop practical and workable solutions that meet and exceed their targets and objectives for street scene services.

Plan B work closely with our clients to achieve their aims and objectives for street scene services by combining past experience and existing knowledge with fresh ideas and new approaches that lead to the provision of practical, innovative and bespoke advice and support.

Waste management

With experience developing and delivering first-class solutions, Plan B's Advisors have the skills, vision and ability to take waste management projects forward whilst achieving clients’ aims and objectives.


Grounds maintenance

Plan B's Advisors have developed strong reputations in the industry and are renowned for their ability to meet and exceed client’s aspirations and objectives on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards.



Plan B’s work encompasses a wide range of consultancy, management and advisory disciplines. Our work is focused within the Environment sector, however many of the services we provide are easily transferable.

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Plan B listen to our clients, interpret and understand their needs and develop completely personalised services that meet time, budget and delivery requirements across many sectors.