Management Solutions


Alternate Weekly Collections Alternate Weekly Collections Guidance A guide intended to help Authorities decide weather AWC is right for them and to draw together from the experience of other Authorities advice on how to design and implement an effective scheme. WRAP 13 July 2007
Biowaste Recycling Managing Biowastes From The UK: Applying Life-Cycle Thinking in the Framework of Cost Benefit Analysis A study of the costs and benefits of different approaches to biowaste collection and management. Eunomia 01 May 2007
Biowaste Recycling Managing Biowastes From The UK: Applying Life-Cycle Thinking in the Framework of Cost Benefit Analysis. Appendices to main report Appendices to main report Eunomia 01 May 2007
Communications Indicative Cost Guide Guidance when seeking prices for communications activity WRAP 01 March 2006
Communications Design and Print Guidance for Local Authorities Guide to raise awareness and understanding of the design and development and print process WRAP 01 August 2006
Composting Home Composting Diversion: Household Level Analysis Evaluating the effectiveness of home composting in diverting waste away from local authority kerbside collections. WRAP 09 September 2009
Environmental Cleansing Environmental Cleansing Handbook 2008 Handbook providing those responsible for delivering frontline services with the latest information, guidance and good practice. CIWM 01 July 2008
Flats Recycling Taking Recycling To A New Level A white paper on the potential contribution of low and high rise flats to UK and European recycling targets. Taylor 01 January 2010
Food Waste Evaluation of the WRAP Seperate Food Waste Collection Trials Between 2007 and 2009 WRAP provided funding and technical support to 21 local authorities to undertake trials of seperate food waste collections. This report evaluates the performance of the trails and provides practical lessons for local authorities for the collection of food waste from households WRAP 01 June 2009
Food Waste Food Waste Collection Guidance Document providing guidance on the collection of food waste for recycling. WRAP 01 July 2009
Food Waste Dealing With Food Waste in the UK A report seeking to inform and provide guidance on what is the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable way of diverting household food waste form landfill that leads to the production of a saleable product Eunomia 01 March 2007
Food Waste Food Waste Collection: Update to WRAP Biowaste Cost Benefit Study Update to Study undertaken in 2007 taking into consideration the increase in the number of food waste collections being undertaken, and changes in gate fees, treatment costs and landfill tax etc. Eunomia 01 October 2008
Food Waste Performance and Analysis of Mixed Food and Garden Waste Collection Schemes A report exploring the effectiveness of mixed food and garden waste kerbside collection schemes in diverting food waste for recycling WRAP 01 February 2010
Fortnightly Refuse Collections Scoping Study of Potential Health Effects of Fortnightly Residual Waste Collection and Related Changes to Domestic Waste Report presenting a review of international research into waste collections and the impact that moving to fortnightly waste collections on health. WRAP 01 July 2009
Gate Fees Comparing the Cost of Alternative Waste Treatment Options Report presenting a summary of gate fees charged for a range of alternative options for the treatment and disposal of waste WRAP 01 August 2009
Glass Recycling Choosing and Improving Your Glass Collection Service Information for Local Authority Waste Managers on the collection and recycling of glass and introducing the most sustainable service. WRAP 01 May 2008
Household Waste Growth Understanding Waste Growth at Local Authority Level Report providing an informed understanding of the factors that influence growth in household waste through the investigation of the findings from a set of detailed case studies. Resource Futures 03 October 2009
Kerbside Recycling Kerbside Recycling - Indicative Costs and Performance Report providing a systamatic appraisal of the characteristics of the principal kerbside recycling collection systems, looking at both their cost and effectiveness WRAP 16 June 2008
Kerbside Recycling Kerbside Recycling: Indicative Costs and Performance. Technical Annex This annex accompanies the report Kerbside Recycling: Indicative Costs and Performance and provides detailled information on the input values, assumptions and outputs from a modelling exercise to compare different kerbside recycling systems. WRAP 01 June 2008
Kerbside Recycling Analysis of Kerbside Dry Recycling Performance in England 2007/08 Report providing an analysis of kerbside dry recycling performance for Local Authorities in England for 2007/08 and the various characteristics which can influence recycling performance. WRAP 01 December 2009
Kerbside Recycling Household Battery Collection Trials April 2005 - March 2008 Report analysing various different schemes implemented in order to collect batteries from households, and providing detailled information on the structure, location and operation of each of the trials WRAP 01 November 2008
Kerbside Recycling Barriers to Recycling at Home A report on the findings of an in-depth structured investigation of the barriers people encounter in recycling at home and targetted ways these might be overcome. WRAP 01 August 2008
Kerbside Recycling Barriers to Recycling at Home Summary Report A summary of the findings of an in-depth structured investigation of the barriers people encounter in recycling at home and targetted ways these might be overcome. WRAP 01 August 2008
Kerbside Recycling Choosing the Right Recycling Collection System A leaflet assessing which collection system is the best, in particular whether kerbside sort systems or co-mingled collections are preferred WRAP 01 June 2009
Kerbside Recycling Improving Recycling Through Effective Communications A practical guide to improving recycling performance through effective communications with residents WRAP 01 November 2009
Material Densities Material Bulk Densities Document providing bulk density data for commonly collected material streams, taking into account container types and how the materials are collected. It provides data that will be useful in planning and managing collection and handling systems for recyalable materials WRAP 01 January 2010
Monitoring and Evaluation A Good Practice Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation Document providing practical advice on how to go about monitoring and evaluating the performance of schemes. WRAP 01 March 2006
MRF Recovering Value From MRF's Summary document introducing the issues surrounding the specification, operation and costs associated with MRF's WRAP  
MRF Materials Recovery Facilities, (MRF's) Contracts Guidance Guidance on further advice on the preparation of service specifications and contractual arrangements between Local Authorities and MRF providers WRAP 01 May 2008
National Indicators National Indicators for Local Authorities and Local Authority Partnerships: Handbook of Definitions Handbook containing definitions for all 185 national indicators which were implemented in 2008/09, together with an outline for those 13 indicators introduced during 2009/10 Communities and Local Government 01 May 2008
Plastics Collection Local Authorities Plastics Collection Survey 2008 Report informing industry stakeholders on current plastic bottle and 'other plastic' collection practices, collection/recycling levels and future plans of Local Authorities WRAP 01 May 2008
Plastics Collection The Financial Costs of Collecting Mixed Plastics Packaging Report exploring the financial costs of collecting mixed plastics packaging for recycling using kerbside and bring site collection systems. WRAP 01 June 2009
Plastics Collection A Financial Assesment of Recycling Mixed Plastics in the UK Financial modelling and assesment of mixed plastics separation and reprocessing on a commercial scale in the UK WRAP 01 June 2009
Plastics Recycling Domestic Mixed Plastics Recycling Guide   RECOUP 30 June 1905
Schools Waste The Nature and Scale of Waste Produced by Schools in England A report presenting the indicative findings of compositional analyses of waste produced in Schools and the consequent implications for those planning to collect waste for recycling from Schools WRAP 01 June 2008
Textiles Recycling Minimising Reuse and Recycling of UK Clothing and Textiles A study identifying facts and reccomendations for maximising reuse and recycling of end of life UK clothing DEFRA 01 October 2009
Waste Composition Municipal Waste Composition: A Review of Municipal Waste Component Analyses Report on composition of household waste in the England for 2006/07. Data was evaluated and analysed in conjunction with WasteDataFlow tonnages for 2006/07 to arrive at overall estimates of municipal waste composition. DEFRA 31 March 2009
WEEE Guidance on Best Available Treatment, Recovery and Recycling Techniques (BATRRT) and Treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Document providing guidance on the WEEE licensing regulations and provides guidance on the treatment, recycling and recovery of WEEE at an authorised treament facility, (ATF) Department of the Enviroment 01 December 2006