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Plan B recognise that our people are our greatest asset and our success relies on their energy, enthusiasm and commitment. We therefore work hard to find the right people to fit into the organisation - people with a passion for providing innovative and practical advice and support to our clients.

Once we have found the right people we work hard to keep them happy and motivated throughout their career with Plan B and provide them with the tools, equipment, training and working environment needed to achieve the outstanding results our clients expect. This approach has yielded exceptionally positive results and we are extremely proud of their performance and achievements to date.

The people at Plan B have significant experience developed through several years of working for Local Authorities and major Private Sector service providers and are able to offer a wide range of expertise in both management solutions and management support.

They have worked for large Private Sector Organisation and Public Sector bodies in the Waste Management, Street Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance industries and all have real hands-on experience of successful project delivery. This gives our people a genuine understanding of how the Environmental Sector works and enables them to provide straightforward advice and support where and when it is needed.

In addition to the skills and experience available through this team, a major selling point for Plan B is the commitment they give to every project undertaken by the company and the dedication to achieving the best possible results.

Our people are passionate about solving problems for our clients and making a real difference to the services they provide.

Glynn Davies, Director

Glynn is an accomplished, professional manager with extensive experience across a wide and varied range of management functions, in both the public and private sectors. Glynn is passionate about high-quality service delivery and is known for the depth and breadth of his knowledge in the supply of public services.  Glynn uses his skills and expertise in strategy development and implementation, change management, operational service delivery, procurement, business development and contract management...

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Kelly Miller, Principal Advisor

Kelly is a highly skilled Municipal Waste Manager with proven experience in the development of sustainable wastes management strategies and competitive public and private sector procurement at a senior level.  As a Principal Advisor with Plan B, Kelly utilises her experience and skills to develop environmental services solutions in line with industry best practice and maintains an industry position as a reliable, economically efficient, environmentally and socially responsible professional in a constantly shifting political environment.

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Brian Carroll, Principal Advisor

Brian provides financial management and system support services to both Public and Private sector clientele. Brian has operated in the waste and environmental sector for over 10 years and has managed the financial planning and the restructuring of businesses and individual service contracts. His specialties are financial and service modelling and database design.

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Simon Barry, Principal Advisor

Simon is a successful senior Public Sector Manager with over 30 years’ experience in Local Government and has extensive experience of managing large service portfolios and budgets. Prior to joining Plan B, Simon was the Director of Environment, Housing & Community Services with the London Borough of Redbridge and was one of four Executive Directors responsible for the corporate management of the Council.

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David Cuthell, Principal Advisor

David is a Chartered Waste and Transport Manager with over 40 years’ experience in the procurement, management, maintenance and operation of the full range of public sector transport including, but not least, waste collection vehicles. Prior to joining Plan B, David was the Chief Officer with the London Borough of Redbridge and had responsibility for managing and forming policy for a wide range of Client / Contractor Services

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Greg Mitchell, Principal Advisor

Greg has over 20 years’ experience within the Environmental Services industry, within the Grounds Maintenance, Estates & Street Cleansing and Waste Management Sectors. The experience ranges from working within the private sector of large multi-national contractors to more recently acting as a specialist consultant to many Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

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Jayne Willis, Principal Advisor

Jayne has over 15 years’ public and private sector experience of managing operational waste and recycling contracts on behalf of Local authorities. Jayne utilises her skills and experience gained within these roles to develop new and innovative operational solutions across the full range of municipal environmental services.

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Midge Doyle, Principal Advisor

Midge is a high achiever with a proven track record in delivering success, a practical thinker with extensive operational experience across a wide range of businesses, a natural leader and coach who is able to inspire others to achieve at the highest standards.
At Plan B Midge is available to provide tailored management solutions, coaching, mentoring & training. He also has a proven ability to improve the performance of Local Authority Service and is available to provide service improvement, change management and best value review services across a variety of fields.

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Doug Eadie, Accountant

As Accountant for Plan B, Doug provides a broad range of services to the Directors and consultants of the company.  One key role is to provide the Directors with advice on the strategic direction of the company in the medium to long term.  On a day to day basis, however, the main task is to ensure that everyone working for and with Plan B has access to all the information that they need to do their jobs, whilst also ensuring that all staff and suppliers are paid on a timely basis.

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