Management Solutions

Brian Carroll, Principal Advisor

Brian provides financial management and system support services to both Public and Private sector clientele. Brian has operated in the waste and environmental sector for over 15 years and has managed the financial planning and the restructuring of businesses and individual service contracts. During this period Brian has been an integral part of the successful tendering, mobilisation and financial management of many local authority contracts in London and the South East, including, Redbridge, City of London, Wandsworth, Haringey, Islington, St Albans and Dartford. His specialties are financial and service modelling and database design. 

In addition, Brian was responsible for budget drafting and budgetary control for a large number of service contracts. This involved producing a wide range of analyses to help management understand and control their costs and revenues.

Since joining Plan B, Brian has been leading the Company’s projects to reengineer financial and administrative processes. This has involved improving and cataloguing processes for financial and management control within the operational services department of Brentwood Borough Council as part of a full service review. Brian has been able to bring knowledge of various computer systems to bear in designing and implementing bespoke solutions to improve performance within the department. Brian also offers technical support to other company projects.

Brian has extensive business development experience of local authority environmental services contracts from both within the private sector and latterly as part of local authority internal operations, notably in the areas of waste and recycling collection, street cleansing and ancillary services. A significant part of this activity is considering the most financially efficient way to deliver these services. 

Notable projects include implementing efficiencies identified by the operational review team at Brentwood Borough Council, particularly within the administration of various operational areas of the council. This involved process mapping, budget setting and budget monitoring.

Also within Brentwood Borough Council, Brian was involved with the clarification and simplification of budget information and helped officers understand the true cost of their services. This led to better information in the department and therefore helped identify areas of potential improvements and/or cost saving.

Other projects include operational planning, reviews and procurement support for the London Borough of Redbridge, Milton Keynes Council, Tendring District Council and Pembrokeshire County Council as well as operational modelling and tender support for a number of private sector contractors and vehicle manufacturers.


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  • MSc Operational Research
  • BSc Physics & Mathematics
  • Fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


  • Waste Management
  • Street Cleansing
  • Process mapping
  • Process re-engineering
  • Service design
  • Service development
  • Service mobilisation
  • Developing operational solutions
  • Financial and Operational Modelling
  • Technical guidance
  • Business Development


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