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Jonathan Allen Managing Director

Jonathan is an experienced managing director with over 30 years’ experience working in the public and private sectors including high-profile director / management roles. With a strong academic record, Jonathan brings key skills in the areas of strategy development & implementation, change management, mergers & acquisitions, project and contract management, procurement, business development and multi-site management. Prior to joining Plan B, Jonathan fulfilled several prominent director level management roles including:

  • Managing Director - Estech (Europe) Ltd: Sourcing and co-ordinating funding for large integrated contracts on both a project finance and structured asset finance basis. Development of PFI partnerships with major national and international financial institutions that specialise in the structured funding of large integrated waste management contracts.
  • Director - Jack Allen Holdings Ltd: Developing opportunities in the renewable sector utilising waste products as a feedstock for the creation of bio fuels and renewable products. Investment projects for waste treatment technologies and specialist engineering projects.
  • Managing Director - Jack Allen Sales & Service Ltd: Responsible for all aspects of the business and more specifically the sales & marketing of the company’s full product range. Having consistently increased the Company’s market share and profitability was responsible implementing the Board’s decision to negotiate the sale of the company to Dennis Eagle.

Jonathan is an inspirational visionary and has extensive experience of managing in the waste & environmental sectors, specialist vehicle manufacture, sales, mechanical waste processing equipment and renewable energy projects in the UK and internationally. He has an excellent record of commercial and operational delivery and a talent for developing change management and implementation strategies.

Jonathan inspires commitment through imaginative and creative leadership with people power at its heart.


  • Plan B Management Solutions Ltd
  • Estech Europe
  • Jack Allen Holdings
  • Jack Allen Sales & Service


  • Managing, delivering and advising on Business Development & Change Management
  • Environmental Services
  • Transport Management
  • Product Design and Development
  • Service Mobilisation
  • Developing operational solutions
  • Technical & legislative guidance


  • Plan B Management Solutions Limited
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