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Waste management

Plan B Management Solutions Limited provides innovative and practical solutions to Public and Private Sector organisations working within the waste management industry. Our vast waste management experience is combined with our fresh and forward thinking approach to develop first class solutions for all our clients.

Plan B recognises the complexities and sensitivities associated with waste management and appreciate the complicated challenges faced by both Public and Private Sector organisations working in the industry. Waste collection has long been seen by the public as the prime visible signal of Local Authority efficiency and value, as citizens demand regular, easy to utilise and accessible waste collection services without wanting to pay high taxes for them. Similarly, waste disposal has always been an area of contention as everyone needs somewhere to dispose of their waste, but nobody wants waste disposal facilities in their neighbourhood.

These fundamental dilemmas and challenges are difficult enough to overcome, but when coupled with the ever more demanding European and Government directives and increasing public awareness, the challenge is amplified. The UK Government has taken this responsibility extremely seriously, introducing stringent legislation, tough penalties for non-compliance and robust strategies.

The government’s “Waste Strategy" sets out a number of key objectives in relation to waste prevention and reuse, landfill directive diversion targets, investment in infrastructure, recycling of resources and energy recovery.

As legislation, regulation and guidance becomes increasingly rigorous from the Government and the EU, the need for waste management expertise is mounting. Experts like Plan B with significant experience and expertise in the waste management industry developed through several years of working for Local Authorities and major Private Sector service providers.

With experience of developing and delivering first-class solutions to the waste industry for over thirty years, Plan B's Advisors have the skills, vision and ability to take waste management projects forward whilst achieving clients’ aims and objectives.


Plan B’s work encompasses a wide range of consultancy, management and advisory disciplines. Our work is focused within the Environment sector, however many of the services we provide are easily transferable.

Plan B services...

Grounds maintenance

Plan B's Advisors have developed strong reputations in the industry and are renowned for their ability to meet and exceed client’s aspirations and objectives on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards.


Street cleansing

Plan B work closely with our clients to achieve their aims and objectives by combining existing knowledge with fresh ideas that lead to the provision of practical, innovative and bespoke  advice and support.


Other sectors

Plan B listen to our clients, interpret and understand their needs and develop completely personalised services that meet time, budget and delivery requirements across many sectors.