Management Solutions


Plan B’s scope of work encompasses a wide range of consultancy, management and advisory disciplines. Our work is focused within the Grounds Maintenance, Street Cleansing and Waste Management Sectors, however many of the services we provide are easily transferable to other industries.

The Plan B Advisors have played key roles in the procurement, development and management of local government services over many years. Through this experience Plan B has developed a genuine understanding of the market place and can offer fresh, forward thinking and comprehensive solutions in a range of areas including Service Procurement; Tender Submission; Service Reviews; Contract Mobilisations; Data Management; Interim and Project Management; Work Programming and Financial Analysis. To find out more about our core and specialist services in these areas, please click on the appropriate link.

Material Marketing & Sales

One of our key service offerings is supporting clients in the marketing and sale of their waste and recyclable materials.

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Tender submission

Business development, Bid Management and Estimating Services focused on developing winning bids

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Full turnkey procurement services that draw best value solutions from potential suppliers

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Service review

Identifying opportunities for improvement and helping clients deliver better value for money services

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Contract mobilisation

Supporting clients through the critical transitional period of new contracts

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Financial services

Plan B are able to supply a number of valuable services to help our clients with their financial management.

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Interim and project management

Providing experienced and hard working interim and project managers capable of having an immediate impact and producing positive results

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Data management

Providing clients with the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions about the services they provide

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Recent projects

In recent years Plan B has undertaken a large number of exciting and high profile projects for the Public and Private sectors.

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Work programming

Assisting clients to make more efficient and effective use of their resources through better work programming and planning

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Waste analysis and monitoring

Robust analysis and monitoring that enhance our clients' understanding of their waste streams, enabling them to reduce costs & improve practices

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