Management Solutions

Contract mobilisation

The mobilisation stage is critical to the ongoing success of any contract; particularly the labour intensive contracts associated with the Waste Management, Street Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance industries. However, many Public Sector bodies and their management teams lack experience in contract mobilisation through no fault of their own.

Environmental contracts are by their very nature long term contracts, and this means that a Public Sector organisation could go five, ten or even more years between mobilising contracts. Therefore, many organisations are increasingly seeking to bolster and complement their in-house management teams with mobilisation experts such as the Plan B Advisors for support during the mobilisation.

A well managed mobilisation period will inevitably lead to a well managed contract, as the people, systems, procedures, resources, etc needed to run the contract smoothly will be in place from day one. On the other hand, a poorly managed mobilisation period will lead to poorly managed services in the medium/long term as the management team will spend too much time fire fighting and resolving unnecessary issues instead of managing the day to day running of the contract.

Plan B has a proven track record of mobilising Waste Management, Street Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance contracts within tight timescales and with minimum disruption to services. Our Advisors have been involved in the management of the transition period for a number of major Public Sector contracts in the Environmental Services industry and have developed a sound understanding of the challenges faced.

We have built up significant experience of contract mobilisation and developed tried and tested processes, systems and methodology to ensure that each new contract entered into is approached in a structured manner. These processes ensure that all aspects of projects are considered including; health and safety, commercial, quality, staff, skills, vehicles and equipment.

Plan B are available to provide how ever much support is required during the mobilisation period from technical advice and client negotiations right up to managing the mobilisation process on your behalf. The addition of a time served industry expert to any mobilisation team will lead to a smoother transitional period with strong foundations for success built in at the outset.

Material Marketing & Sales

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Financial services

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Interim and project management

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Data management

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Work programming

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Waste analysis and monitoring

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