Management Solutions

Data management

Data is the lifeblood of an organisation, and if managed correctly can be utilised to make informed business decisions and develop sound strategies and plans based on fact as opposed to instinct.

Public and Private Sector organisations working in the Environmental Sector and beyond collect vast amounts of data both internally and externally. In many cases the data collected is not utilised effectively, the important data is lost amongst trivial information or worse still the right data isn’t collected in the first place.

The difficulties many organisations have is knowing how best to collate data, how to build a model that accurately captures and interprets data and how to turn raw data into meaningful and understandable information that can be used to make intelligent business decisions.

Plan B has vast experience of providing Data Management Services in various forms and possess the skills and knowledge needed to turn your data into useful and meaningful information. We work with clients to develop bespoke databases that help them to operate more efficiently and plan more effectively. Our strength lies principally in the development of spreadsheet and database solutions that are designed to make life easier for our clients by saving them time and money.

The Company has developed complete CRM Databases for major Private Sector Contractors; it has developed complex pricing models for companies looking to offer competitive but deliverable pricing; it has developed bespoke spreadsheet solutions for analysing large budgets and costs; it has developed bespoke key performance indicator monitoring tools and much more.

In addition to designing and developing bespoke database and spreadsheet solutions for clients, Plan B has also undertaken numerous data capture, data analysis, data cleansing and reporting projects. These include:

  • Rationalising and removing duplication of waste collection property numbers for a Local Authority
  • Capturing the key contacts along with vital details for a client’s marketing campaign
  • Capturing the opinions and concerns of residents regarding the service they receive

Whatever your needs, Plan B have the people, skills and tools to produce a first class Data Management solution for you. Our spreadsheets and databases are tailored to your requirements, and we pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable. We listen to your requirements and work with you to determine the best possible solution.

Material Marketing & Sales

One of our key service offerings is supporting clients in the marketing and sale of their waste and recyclable materials.

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Tender submission

Business development, Bid Management and Estimating Services focused on developing winning bids

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Full turnkey procurement services that draw best value solutions from potential suppliers

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Service review

Identifying opportunities for improvement and helping clients deliver better value for money services

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Contract mobilisation

Supporting clients through the critical transitional period of new contracts

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Interim and project management

Providing experienced and hard working interim and project managers capable of having an immediate impact and producing positive results

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Financial services

Plan B are able to supply a number of valuable services to help our clients with their financial management.

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Work programming

Assisting clients to make more efficient and effective use of their resources through better work programming and planning

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Waste analysis and monitoring

Robust analysis and monitoring that enhance our clients' understanding of their waste streams, enabling them to reduce costs & improve practices

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