Management Solutions

Financial services

Plan B are able to supply a number of valuable services to help our clients with their financial management. Our associates have experience of working alongside and within finance departments of private and public sector organisations. Some of the possibilities include:

Budgeting – Financial management of your services can only be effective when you have a baseline from which to operate. We will work with your operational and administrational staff to create a set of detailed budgets for part or all of your service. The budgets will clearly show how the costs and revenues of your services are made up and can be segmented into the most appropriate divisions. Our experts can consult on the best way to divide your budgets.

On-going Financial Management – Once good budgets are in place our experts are able to offer a periodic variance analysis of your services. Our experts are often able to produce reporting tools which link into reports from your accounts system and improve the quality and speed of reporting. Your staff will be fully trained in the use of these systems, or alternatively, Plan B associates will periodically investigate and report on the underlying reasons for any deviations from the planned service.

Financial Reporting Review – Our experts have experience of working in public and private accounts departments and are able to offer a review of your management and financial accounts and financial procedures. This review could be a pre-audit assessment or part of an attempt to improve or streamline processes.  Our associates will work within an agreed scope and examine current processes and reports and then comment on any improvements which can be made.

Final Accounts Support – Plan B are able to offer support with your final accounts by giving a quality and accuracy review of your accounts. Our qualified accountants can also help with preparation of supporting schedules.

Material Marketing & Sales

One of our key service offerings is supporting clients in the marketing and sale of their waste and recyclable materials.

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Tender submission

Business development, Bid Management and Estimating Services focused on developing winning bids

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Full turnkey procurement services that draw best value solutions from potential suppliers

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Service review

Identifying opportunities for improvement and helping clients deliver better value for money services

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Contract mobilisation

Supporting clients through the critical transitional period of new contracts

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Interim and project management

Providing experienced and hard working interim and project managers capable of having an immediate impact and producing positive results

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Data management

Providing clients with the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions about the services they provide

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Work programming

Assisting clients to make more efficient and effective use of their resources through better work programming and planning

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Waste analysis and monitoring

Robust analysis and monitoring that enhance our clients' understanding of their waste streams, enabling them to reduce costs & improve practices

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