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Material Marketing & Sales

One of our key service offerings is supporting clients in the marketing and sale of their waste and recyclable materials, and we’re currently managing a product portfolio of circa 350,000 tonnes per annum. These include all kerbside collected household waste materials such as papers, steel and aluminium cans, plastics, glass, textiles, food and garden waste. We also support our Clients in securing outlets for commingled recyclables and materials collected from household waste recycling centres such as wood, plasterboard, hardcore, WEEE, metals, carpets and mattresses.

  1. An intelligence led approach to trading - Constantly being in touch with markets to assess options means we can make informed decisions. Our network of contacts and access to intelligence allows us to prepare and proactively manage market changes (both risks and opportunities). This has led to a well-developed suite of trading tools and tactics, both in terms of the markets supplied and the types of deals negotiated.
  2. Relationships and Diversity – We pride ourselves on the relationships we hold that gives us access to various material markets, underpinning both the added value we achieve for our clients and ensuring an outlet for material is always secured.
  3. A focus on managing quality – materials are a resource and managing quality is critical for successful outcomes. We support our clients in understanding buyers needs and adapting a product focused approach to the materials they make available for sale.

Our material sales and marketing offering is built upon many years of successful trading. Our service provides our clients with:

  • Expertise – in sales, negotiations, markets and managing material quality.
  • Best Value – we have a proven track record of delivering best prices for our clients.
  • Diversity - Access to diverse markets that not only delivers financially but also provides contingency plans to allow continuous off-take of material.
  • Compliance – comprehensive due diligence and a focus on end user supply allows us to provide detailed information to satisfy all compliance obligations.
  • Reporting and Analysis – we provide a monthly client report which details our sales performance assessed against benchmark prices, tonnages, buyers/markets supplied, material quality feedback and market intelligence. Our intelligence can also be used to support your budgeting and forecasting needs.

Tender submission

Business development, Bid Management and Estimating Services focused on developing winning bids

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Full turnkey procurement services that draw best value solutions from potential suppliers

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Service review

Identifying opportunities for improvement and helping clients deliver better value for money services

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Contract mobilisation

Supporting clients through the critical transitional period of new contracts

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Data management

Providing clients with the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions about the services they provide

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Financial services

Plan B are able to supply a number of valuable services to help our clients with their financial management.

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Work programming

Assisting clients to make more efficient and effective use of their resources through better work programming and planning

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Waste analysis and monitoring

Robust analysis and monitoring that enhance our clients' understanding of their waste streams, enabling them to reduce costs & improve practices

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