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Tender submission

Regardless of how well a company performs out on the field, and despite the fact that the company may be able to perform a job equal to or better than their competitors, if they cannot demonstrate it through a robust tender submission they will not win additional public sector work.

Unfortunately for many organisations the people with the knowledge, skills and abilities to develop outstanding and attractive bids are few and far between.

Furthermore, due to the operational pressures and day-to-day tasks faced by those employees producing bids many organisations struggle to dedicate the time and resources needed to craft a top quality tender submission that is tailored to the needs of the client and hits all the right buttons. As such, many excellent organisations find themselves producing substandard or uncompetitive bids simply because they do not have the time, resource or tendering capabilities to produce winning bids.

Plan B provides tender submission services to various large and medium sized private sector organisations across the United Kingdom. The company's skills and expertise in this field are hugely sought after in the Environmental Sector where Plan B repeatedly support some of the industries and market leaders to develop successful bids for Public Sector contracts. However, the tender submission skills nurtured and developed in these industries are transferable to other sectors and Plan B also has experience of supporting teams to develop successful bids within the building maintenance, utilities and other industries.

The services that Plan B offer clients in relation to tender submission include analysis of service requirements; estimating; financial analysis and costing; resource requirements; tender document reviews; bid writing; technical advice; strategic advice; bid process reviews; training services; etc.

Plan B are available to provide clients with hands-on support and to aid them develop outstanding tender submissions that stand out from the crowd, are competitive and deliverable. Clients can benefit from the experience of our industry and procurement experts in the development of individual bids, or we can help improve your bid process and in-house capabilities through tender training, strategic advice, health checks, bid process reviews, etc.

Material Marketing & Sales

One of our key service offerings is supporting clients in the marketing and sale of their waste and recyclable materials.

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Full turnkey procurement services that draw best value solutions from potential suppliers

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Service review

Identifying opportunities for improvement and helping clients deliver better value for money services

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Contract mobilisation

Supporting clients through the critical transitional period of new contracts

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Financial services

Plan B are able to supply a number of valuable services to help our clients with their financial management.

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Interim and project management

Providing experienced and hard working interim and project managers capable of having an immediate impact and producing positive results

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Data management

Providing clients with the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions about the services they provide

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Work programming

Assisting clients to make more efficient and effective use of their resources through better work programming and planning

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Waste analysis and monitoring

Robust analysis and monitoring that enhance our clients' understanding of their waste streams, enabling them to reduce costs & improve practices

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